The category of the conference covers the following subjects of microoptics;

1. Theory, Modeling, and Design

Aberrations, Dispersion, Beam optics, Guided-wave optics, Gradient-index optics, Diffractive optics, Photonic band, Slow light, Near-field optics, Nonlinear optics, Thermooptics, Plasmonics, Metal optics, Quantum optics/photonics, Biomimetic optics, Metaoptics, Simulation and system design, etc.

2. Materials and Fabrication

Semiconductors, Crystals, Dielectric materials, Polymers, Liquid crystals, Nonlinear materials, Composite materials, Nano-materials, Transparent conductors, Magneto-optic materials, Spin-materials, Metamaterials, Nanocarbons, etc. Micro- and nano-fabrication, Nano-imprint, Laser processing, Heterogeneous bonding, 3D printing, Optical manipulation, etc.

3. Measurement and Sensing

Spectroscopy, Interferometry, Reflectometry, Ultrafast measurement, 3D measurement, Quantum measurement, LiDAR, etc.

4. EO/OE and Active Devices

Lasers, LEDs, VCSELs, Array lasers, Amplifiers, Photo detectors, Terahertz devices, Optical imaging sensors, Solar cells, Energy harvesting devices, etc.

5. Passive Devices

Fibers, Waveguides, Multi/demultiplexers, Add-drop multiplexers, Branching and mixing components, Photonic crystals, Filters, Microlenses, Diffractive optical elements, Isolators, Polarizers, etc.

6. Dynamic and Functional Devices

MEMS, Switches, Modulators, Tunable devices, Wavelength converters, Nonlinear optical devices, Deflectors, Optical buffers, etc.

7. Integration, Packaging, and Si photonics

Monolithic and hybrid integration, Mounting and packaging, Micro-assembly, Wafer-level assembly, 3D integration, etc.

8. System and Design Conception


The 28th MICROOPTICS CONFERENCE covers microoptics technologies in the following major topical fields;

A. Optical Communications

Photonic networks, Optical routing, Advanced multiplexing, LAN, FTTH, Wireless optical communication, etc.

B. Optical Interconnects

Chip/board/system interconnects, Active optical cable, etc.

C. Optoelectronic Equipment

Optical storages, Laser and LED printers, Smart sensors, Advanced cameras, Advanced microscopes, etc.

D. Optical Sensing and Processing

Optics for image recognition, Physical measurements, 3D measurements, Sensors and sensing systems, Security systems, Optical computing, Bio- and medical sensing, Tomography, etc.

E. Displays and Lighting

LCD, Laser/LED/EL displays, MEMS displays, 3D displays, Projection displays, μ-LED displays, Wearable displays, AR/VR-glass,head mounted displays, Flexible displays, Solid state lighting, Illuminations, Appearance design and control, etc.

F. New Applications and Emerging Technologies

Green photonics, Environmental and energy optics, Bio- and medical optics, Nano-photonics, Quantum systems, Next generation and intelligent microoptics, Car optics, Agricultural and fishery optics, Optical wireless power transmission, AI and IoT, etc.