The MOC2023 will take place at Seagaia Convention Center, Miyazaki, Japan.

About Miyazaki

Miyazaki City is a resort spot on the southeast side of Kyushu Island. A beautiful coastline stretches out here. The mild climate makes it easy to spend time here all year round. Fans from all over the world visit the leading golf courses and surf spots of Japan. Legends of ancient Japan remain and the shrines are also a highlight. You will find plenty of tasty foods here. These include Miyazaki beef – the best beef in Japan – as well as charcoal grilled chicken and ripe mangos. For detail on sightseeing, visit the following website.


Miyazaki is approximately 90 minutes by air from Tokyo. The Seagaia Convention Center is a 25-minute taxi or bus ride from Miyazaki Airport.

The downtown area with hotels in Miyazaki City is located about 1 km from the west side of Miyazaki Station. You can use public buses or taxis from Miyazaki Station to the venue, but there are few taxis and buses, so we will prepare a charter bus. In the morning, you can use it to move from the east exit of Miyazaki Station to the conference hall, and after the conference, you can use it to move from the conference hall to the east exit of Miyazaki Station via Cottage HIMUKA. We will head to the airport only in the evening of the last day. Charter bus departure times are as follows:


The Sheraton Grande Ocean Resort is adjacent to the conference center. Cottage HIMUKA is located 3 km south. Shuttle buses are available from morning to evening. After the meeting, you can travel by chartered bus.

Reservation is available below by August 31.